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And for September, it can be well worth your attention!

The Promotion Details

The facts, and nothing but the facts. I’m giving away $$.  Here are the ways you can be a part of the giveaway:

  • Earn the most points each week for a $100 prize.

  • Score $100 for every policy sold through your referral.

Digital Business Card.

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Regina’s Business Flyer:

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Everybody can win by earning the most points each week or by me writing a policy to each person YOU refer to me.

For the month of September, I am giving away $100 each week for the person who earns the most points by Saturday evening at 6pm CST. I will announce the winner on FB at 6pm CST each Sunday.

Share my posts on Social Media

1. Post my Digital Business Card or Flyer on FaceBook and Tag me at @Regina Kim.
(10 points)

2. Post my Digital Business Card or Flyer on LinkedIn and Tag me at @Regina Kim Insures You.
(10 points)

3. Post my Digital Business Card or Flyer on Instagram and Tag me at @reginakiminsuresyou.
(10 points)

4. Refer a friend or family member that needs help with or has questions about health insurance on:
– FB Private Messenger
– TEXT me at 281-770-3425
– email me at reginakiminsuresyou@gmail.com 
(20 points)

5. Share one of my Facebook posts about Insurance to your Facebook page.
(10 points)

6. Share one of my LinkedIn posts about health insurance to your LinkedIn page.
(10 points)

7. Like my FB Business Page at @Regina Kim Insures You
(5 points)

8. Sharing FWRB promotional launch video on Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram.
(50 points)

Here is the criteria for winning extra cash:

1. For every person you refer to me that I write a policy for,
you make $100.