Who will pay the bills when you find out you need cancer treatment and cannot continue to support your family?

Health insurance may pay for medical care, but it does not pay for the other expenses that occur when you have a serious illness. Critical Illness Coverage is supplemental insurance that can provide lump-sum payments to give you financial support when you need it most.

Many unforeseeable illnesses can derail your future. Health insurance can offset some medical expenses, but it will not pay many other costs like deductible, out of pocket expenses and lost wages. Critical illness coverage can provide financial resources to help you during your recovery, giving you peace of mind that you will have access to funds in those difficult times.

Everyone is at risk of critical illness, regardless of age or current health.

Some of the statistics regarding critical illness in the U.S.:

You never know when you will succumb to a sudden critical illness crisis. Critical Illness Coverage can provide you with financial support when you and your family need it most.

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