Just a few of the comments we have received:

Regina is AWESOME at what she does and genuinely cares/listens to the needs of her clients. Regina helped my business develop a program that allows my staff to have insurance that THEY own and is affordable for a small business owner. She worked with each of my employees to tailor a plan that fit their needs and budgets and in one instance recommended that one of the guys stick with his plan because it was a better financial fit vs. hers!

Chance B, ACE Handyman Services

Regina is one of the most knowledgeable people I have met when it comes to the crazy world of Insurance. She takes great pride in making sure her clients get the best customer service experience of their lives. She loves to educate people and make sure you know exactly what plan is best for your needs. She has even told me that what I currently have is the best option. never tries to sell, she just educates and helps you make a smart decision for your family’s best interest. You will always have someone on your side when you talk with Regina. Highly recommend her services !!

Troy S, H-Town Bookkeeping

Friendly and knowledgable…highly recommend her services for great health insurance plans. PPO Networks too!

Robert C, Facebook Review

I highly recommend calling Regina if you know you need health insurance and want the best options available. We went from corporate coverage to private insurance and now know the importance of working with someone who knows their ‘stuff’. She worked with us until we found the best plan that meets our health coverage needs. She is knowledgeable and truly cares about helping navigate through the options and helping in the decision-making process. Great experience Regina. I look forward to having you as our health insurance professional.

Christine P, Facebook Review

There is no doubt that Regina knows what she is talking about and that she cares about her clients. Her care, compassion, and concern is seen in all that she does. If you need health insurance assistance, ask Regina!

Jeremy D, Facebook Review

I got very lucky to meet an individual as honest and caring as Kim. I was looking for personal health insurance and found Kim. I had a few challenging health issues and she listened and found what was perfect for me. I just recently was admitted to ICU And Kim was readily available to make sure I was ok and covered. I manage restaurants and understand the competitiveness in my industry and truly being sincere with my guests. Kim is all of that. she truly cares what happens breaks everything down till you understand all the insurance chaos. I proudly recommend her. She does what she says and says what she does. You would be foolish not to give her a call She will give you her all.

Nelson M, Facebook Review
She is the most knowledgeable person I’ve come across in this industry in over a decade and is committed to making sure your benefits actually protect you and your wallet as well as one of the most honest and easy people to talk to in the world willing to explain to the Nth degree until you understand everything and I mean everything!!
Stephan Scott Smith /electrical contract
Ps. I’ve referred her to several other with such an experience like mine!
Stephan S, Facebook Review
Everything! Regina is so knowledgeable and well versed in the insurance business and will do her very best to stand side by side with you to ensure you are well taken care of while also covering your back side on the financial end so you aren’t having to worry about that while trying to recover! I am truly blessed I found her!!!
Sheila R, Facebook Review

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